About us

Ojas solutions provides technology-based solutions. We are focused on developing solutions for mid-sized industries and software solutions for different Government offices including NGOs/INGOs. We introduce new technology by integrating hardware and software to many industries and provide support also. We are also focused on replacing old and traditional methods/technology with new, Improved and innovative solutions based on technology for industries and businesses.

Our team consists of highly energetic and creative people and are from different educational backgrounds. Our team is capable of identifying client’s requirement and proposing the best solution for the client.

We are already working with different mid and large size industries. We are also working with the Government of Gandaki Province. We are providing IT based solutions for the Gandaki Province Government.

Our vision is to combine hardware and software for efficient solutions and custom products. Giving maximum value to our client with our products and solutions. Replace traditional methods and practices with efficient and new technology. Introduction automation in small to large industries and businesses.

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